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Angel, the first perfume by Thierry Mugler, evokes the emotion of tender childhood memories together with a sense of dreamlike infinity.

Angel, which launched a new fragrance category called the "oriental gourmands," seduces us with angelic flavors found deep within the heart of our memories, as well as sensual and passionate notes.

Notes: Bergamot, Hedione, Helional, Honey, Dewberry, Red Berries, Vanilla, Caramel, Patchouli, Chocolate, Coumarin.
Style: Pure. Soft. Innocent.

To refill the Shooting Star Bottle, follow these simple instructions:
Step 1. Pull the star cap off of the bottle
Step 2. Unscrew the nozzle inside
Step 3. Place the funnel into the hole at the top of the bottle
Step 4. Pour the refill bottle into the refillable bottle
Step 5. Replace the nozzle, and cap making sure that the cap "clicks" into place.

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