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Vivid and exotic, the limited edition Roberto Cavalli Exotica Eau de Toilette artfully captures the luxurious facets of Roberto Cavalli’s couture summer creations.

This vibrant reinterpretation of the original Roberto Cavalli Eau de Parfum is playful and glamorous, bringing together the sensuous aspects of the fragrance with more colourful, fruity vibes. The result is a unique and sexy summer cocktail, delicious and completely irresistible.

An opening of luscious mango casts your mind to farflung places, with glistening beaches and translucent seas. In the heart, creamy frangipani flowers bring sweetness, enhancing the exotic facets of the mango, while a base of sandalwood brings warmth, depth and serenity.

Top Notes: Mango
Heart Notes: Frangipani Flowers
Base Notes: Sandalwood

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