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Miss Charming

A delicious and frivolous scent that bursts with ripened fruit and sugared Moroccan Rose. Juliette Has a Gun Miss Charming is perhaps the most dangerous Juliette of all – no one can resist her innocent charm!

Docile yet provocative, Miss Charming is a perky young girl with a sassy disposition. Though she appears soft and sweet, she has a flirty edge of which she is all too aware. The modesty of rose is made luminous with the juiciness of wild fruits, while a soft bed of musk and spice caresses the composition with its warmth and stops her from being too sweet.

The scent is instantly pleasing, and infinitely unforgettable. You never forget your first love, especially when she’s as mischievous as Miss Charming!

Notes Moroccan Rose, Musk, Wild Fruits, Spice.

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