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Joy is like a light avalanche of flowers from the East and West. Rose de Mai perfectly complements Grasse Jasmine in this rich floral bouquet composed of the most luxurious natural raw materials. A drop will suffice, this exceptional, concentrated fragrance envelops every woman in a cloud of sophistication.

Every Jean Patou bottle is a jewel in its own right. The same techniques and craftsmanship are still used today.
The bottles have retained the Art Deco forms dear to Patou’s architect friend Louis Süe, who came up with the original design.The cut glass flask decorated with gold leaf is filled drop by drop. The stopper is then sealed by hand with a gold thread and stamped. A work of timeless beauty.

Top notes: Floral green: Bulgarian rose oil, ylang ylang, and tuberose.
Heart notes: Rich natural floral, rose de May, and jasmine de May.
Base note: Musk-like notes.

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