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GIVENCHY Dahlia Noir l'eau Parfumee

Light is born of darkness. As though blotting out the black sun, brightness surges forth from a crystalline accord of citron and neroli, their crisp, green accents as translucent as a fine silk veil.

The rose petal middle note, the very identity of Dahlia Noir, remains unchanged, delicate and feminine in the extreme. But today it is rediscovered in an original olfactory variation, as though beaded with dew, an ode to transparency.
Underpinning it all, a hint of patchouli intermingles with essences of cedar and musk to give the discreetly chypre trail an aura of Couture sophistication.

Transparent, subtle, sensual without being overtly seductive, sparkling, graceful elegance, crisp, green, translucent, beaded with dew, discreetly chypre trail, couture sophistication.

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