CHRISTINA AGUILERA Signature - The Perfume Lounge


Christina Aguilera fragrance contains top notes of delicious exotic fruit sorbet, sparkling tangerine and mouth-watering blackcurrant tea. Heart notes of jasmine, peony and plum reflect Christina's love of girly glamour, encouraging you to celebrate your femininity. Meanwhile, lingering base notes of musk, amber, precious woods mixed with the creamy vanilla add a seductive edge that dares you to be sexy, whilst resinous notes like amber evoke feelings of sensuality. The ultimate accessory, this fragrance is like a shot of self-confidence empowering you to take inspiration from Christina. So, embrace your femininity and you'll feel truly irresistible.

Notes:  Exotic Fuit Sorbet, Sparkling Tangerine, Black currant tea, Peony, Plum, Musk, Amber, Precious Woods, Vanilla.



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