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Sunshine Woman

Feel the summer rays glisten on your skin with Amouage Sunshine Woman Eau de Parfum, a glorious fragrance for women.

The bright Eau de Parfum will whisk your mind away to warmer places, its white floral fragrance a joyful reminder of blissful heat. For a woman that soars in the summer, she is feminine and chic with a youthful sparkle in her eyes. The Sunshine Woman Eau de Parfum is the perfect accompaniment to her bright and charismatic personality, a burst of light on a gloomy day.

The Sunshine fragrance begins with youthful top notes of almond, blackcurrant liqueur and davana, intensified by bouquets of osmanthus, jasmine, vanilla and magnolia in the heart. At the dry down, notes of cade, patchouli, papyrus and tobacco blond culminate to create a warming, earthy, irresistible base.

Top Notes: Almond, Blackcurrant Liqueur, Davana
Heart Notes: Osmanthus, Jasmine, Vanilla, Magnolia
Base Notes: Cade, Patchouli, Papyrus, Tobacco Blond.

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