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Bois Blonds Cologne Absolue

Atelier Cologne Bois Blonds

Bois Blonds, a sophisticated yet mischievous elixir, entwines unique and precious woods and incense with sensual orange flower and vetiver. Complete with a handcrafted leather cap and a removable pump that allows for splash or spray use, this cologne brings to mind spellbinding moments.  

“They spoke in whispers, breathing at the pace of the wind. The sun streamed through the trees in long rays of gold. Suddenly, the sky became the muted colors of twilight, it felt like hours had passed in a moment or that time had stopped altogether.”

Top notes :Tunisian neroli, pink pepper from China, Sicilian bergamot
Heart notes : Moroccan orange flower, petitgrain from Paraguay, incense from Africa
Base notes : blond woods, musk, Haitian vetiver

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