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Why You Shouldn’t Feel That You Have to Have One Signature Scent

When it comes to fragrance, there is tons of discussion about notes but there is also a lot of talk about finding the perfect scent. Some people take is so seriously that they compare finding their signature scent to finding The One when it comes to dating. Serious stuff. It’s great to find a perfume that feels like it has captured the essence of yourself and bottled it, but why limit yourself to just one perfume? There’s no need to feel that you can only have one signature scent–or any signature for that matter.



There are so many different fragrances to choose from. You can get ones that smell like the great outdoors, your favorite flowers and cocktails. You can even get a fragrance inspired by almost every celebrity. How could you possibly narrow it down to just one? And why should you feel the need to? If you like eight different perfumes, then they can all be “your” perfumes.

You don’t even need to call them your “signature perfumes” if you don’t want to. You can do away with the concept of having a signature perfume (or signature perfumes) entirely. If you don’t have a go-to lip color why should it be any different with fragrances? If you want to wear a floral scent one day and an oud the next and something more obscure after that, and keep switching it up, why not? You do not need to be defined by one thing, if you are a complex girl and like to keep people guessing, do it.

Sometimes there are perfumes that catch your nose that are totally different from from what you normally like. It may not be something you would ever thought of getting but it could totally change your mind. It shouldn’t matter how many fragrances you have in your collection and whether you would buy it again, there should always be room for more. How boring would it be if you never bothered with fragrances again because you already had your one signature? People change and evolve and so should their perfume collection. Think about it, do you like the same sort of things now or did as a teenager?

If you don’t mind the idea of signature fragrances but aren’t the type of decisive person who could wear the same scent for the next century, you could try having signature scents for different occasions. You might already have a different perfume you wear in the summer than in the fall, but you could expand it further. You can choose a perfume(s) for work, evenings and weekends. You could also consider getting a new scent for different occasions or milestones in your life. That way when you spray it afterwards, it will make you think of that happy time.

One great reason about not limiting yourself to only one signature scent is you wouldn’t feel devastated if it gets discontinued. Even if you have multiple scents, you will understandably be a bit sad that one of them stops getting made. However, you won’t be in a wild panic like someone who thought they had found “the one” and now it’s gone. 

The only perfume rule you should have for yourself is if you like the scent, get it. Don’t get hung up about finding one perfume that is better than all of the rest. If there are seven fragrances that you love, make them all part of your beauty regimen. Just think about how pretty your vanity will look with more perfume bottles instead of just one signature.

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