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Sarah Jessica Parker: Body odour is big for perfume

Sarah Jessica Parker wishes she'd stuck with a plan she had to create a fragrance based on body odour.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker is delighted people are finally agreeing with her view that body odour is a sexy smell.

The Sex and the City actress is a huge fan of fragrance, with her perfume Lovely celebrating its tenth anniversary this year (15). Sarah has always been clear about the notes she likes in scents, although at times people have wholly disagreed with her choices - especially when she would gush about 'dirty-smelling' things.

"I wouldn't equate it with a fetish. I was talking much more about in romance - you like the smell of the other person," she assured The Cut. "The more the real person comes through, the more compelling that person is and often, the more attractive.

"A little bit of body odour, not across the board for everybody, is kind of sexy. There was a fragrance that I wanted to do about six or seven years ago, and we didn't do it - a genderless fragrance, which now is what everyone is about, and the (base note) to it is body odour. Now I'm like, 'Yeah, I've been telling ya.'"

While many would think coming up with a perfume is as easy as telling a company about certain smells you like, Sarah insists there is a lot more to it than that. For one thing she is always concerned that the way she talks about scents doesn't resonate with others, so there is a constant fear that the finished article won't smell as she'd hoped.

"When you get to what a baseball player must feel like when the ball hits the perfect part of the bat and it goes exactly where you want, that's crazy," she explained. "And that is what I feel like creating a great scent is like. For three people to get to a place in smell, for three people's olfactory nerves to be in concert, is incredible, because we're all so different. It's an amazing process and one I'm literally in love with."

Sarah's first experiences with fragrance came from her mother, who was a big believer in spritzing some around before she left the house. When the star was around 16 she fell in love with a perfume called Aliage and saved up for a bottle. She was thrilled with her purchase, but less so when she came home to find her little brother had sprayed the whole bottle in her wardrobe.

Taken from The Belfast Telegraph

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