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GIVENCHY to launch 'Live Irresistble' Eau de Parfum

The Givenchy collection of perfumes expands with the launch of "Live Irresistible", an ode to life, and even more to the joy of living. This new fragrance will be available shortly from The Perfume Lounge.


GIVENCHY Live Irresistble

Carefree, cheerful, and spontaneous woman "Live Irresistible" is freer than ever, preferring to laugh at anything rather than worrying about the problems encountered in everyday life. A trait that is found in the fragrance, thanks to sparkling notes of fruit and spice.

Concocted by the nose Dominique Ropion, the eau de parfum opens with aromas of pineapple and rose petals, enhanced by pepper berries from Jamaica. An explosive cocktail which mingle the scents of musk and amber.

GIVENCHY Live Irresistble

Muse of the line "Very Irresistible" US actress Amanda Seyfried plays the fragrance "Live Irresistible", a movie directed by Matthew Frost.

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